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DiveSource Consultancy offers a range of personnel services to manage your subsea campaigns. We have a team of highly competent and experienced Client Representatives ready to ensure safe and efficient subsea operations for a variety of subsea projects such as diving, lRM, Construction, Survey & Decommissioning. The client representative will ensure operations are carried out safely and effectively to ensure that all legal requirements are met. All our client representatives are experienced in their field and trained to the required subsea industry standard, as well as having received further in house emergency response training using our simulator, ensuring they are prepared in this situation with a vast knowledge base of subsea operations as well as experience to carry out their duties both safely and diligently to ensure the client’s satisfaction. We can offer a managed service for the provision of offshore Client Representatives providing an industry leading competence assessment, development and management framework in support of safe and effective execution of offshore scopes. Particular attention is taken to ensure that persons with the appropriate skills are selected for your specific projects for example:

  • Acts as ‘eyes & ears’ for the client with regard to offshore operations and ensuring that work procedures and management of change are followed
  • Ensures that health & safety issues are kept foremost
  • Monitors competence issues with team performing work at site
  • Ensures compliance with local & international regulations
  • Monitors the safety & efficiency of operations
  • Reports  on  the  work  carried out,  lessons  learned,  recommended  improvements for future operations
  • Diving Technical Authority
  • Client Representatives – Oil & Gas; Offshore Wind
  • Dive Representatives
  • Survey Representatives
  • ROV Representatives
  • Inspection Representatives
  • Offshore Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Dive System Auditors
  • ROV System Auditors
  • Onshore – Subsea Engineers/Project Engineers

Diving Technical Authority

DiveSource has a team of experienced Diving Technical Authorities available to develop, review, improve and oversee diving operations.

Our service includes:

  • Audit of dive processes, procedures and Diving Safety Management System.
  •  Review of current dive operations
  • Implementation of revised processes, procedures and systems
  • Project management of dive operations
  • Secondment of dive technical authorities onto project/operations
  • Assistance with IMCA certification
DiveSource Aberdeen
DiveSource Aberdeen

To ensure that any work undertaken meets client expectations, the following must be applied:

  • National and regional regulatory requirements
  • Diving and subsea industry standards, guidance and best practice
  • Client policies and expectations
  • Client HSE Safety Management System (SMS)

In addition, we will ensure the following specific diving or subsea operational standards are to be applied on all your companies diving and subsea projects:

  • Statutory Instruments Diving at Work Regulations S.I 1997 No.2776
  • Approved Codes of Practice (ACoP) for Commercial Diving Projects Offshore (L103)
  • Relevant Guidance as legislated by IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association)
  • Approved Codes of Practice (ACoP) for Commercial Diving Projects Inland/Inshore (L104)
DiveSource Aberdeen