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Health & Safety Support

No matter how large or small, all diving/ ROV projects require health and safety support. DiveSource is in a unique position to offer specialist support throughout the lifecycle of any project. DiveSource provides a competent, specialist consultancy service for diving /ROV operations that can work with you to produce the required project documentation to the highest standards that meet your client expectations.

• HSE plans
• Quality plans
• Diving project plans
• Emergency response plans
• QHSE bridging documents
• Hyperbaric evacuation plans

Risk Assessment Support is central to safety management, and DiveSource also provides qualified, trained personnel who are experienced in diving/ROV operations who can work with you to conduct all the necessary risk assessments required for your project.
DiveSource experienced consultants will ensure that assessments are specific to your needs and in line with current legislation and best practices.

Incident /Accident Support
DiveSource’s experienced health and safety consultants can assist you to navigate your way through your accident investigation process by either taking the lead investigator role or by supplementing your team.
We can start at the initial phase of accident/incident investigation, continue through to any required on-site inspections, and up to completing and submitting RIDDOR or ROGI reports that may be required by your business.

We would apply the root cause analysis process and produce a comprehensive report that states the situation, provides all relevant data, identifies contributory causes, and recommend corrective actions.

Expert Witness Testimony
As an independent consultancy service, DiveSource can provide specialist expert witnesses with direct experience of the Offshore and Inshore Diving industry. Our experts can provide an impartial overview of any incident or dispute and can provide professional structured reports that provide clarity and authority to support any litigation case.