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Inland & Utilities

A wide range of organisations within the UK have diving operations undertaken for them, including utilities companies, civil engineering companies, aquaculture companies and ports & harbours. At DiveSource, we use our technical expertise and regulatory knowledge to ensure diving operations undertaken for you are always safe and fully compliant – protecting not only your assets and infrastructure, but also your reputation.

Our sector experience spans partnerships with utility companies, civil engineering contractors and other key players – a client portfolio that benefits from both our frontline delivery support and our associated commitment to fully align with client culture and ethos.

Our focus is upon ensuring your project is delivered safely, on time and within budget, thanks to expert and proactive support from people you can rely on.

Competency and training
It is vital that your organisation is equipped with the competency to manage diving operations on your underwater assets and infrastructure. Our diving technical authorities can help you develop the internal systems that will ensure you manage diving operations effectively. And should you wish, our diving technical authorities can provide ongoing support with that process.

Our expert trainers and online training service can help you develop the competence to allow your personnel to manage the diving contractors that carry out diving projects for your organisation.

These advanced solutions deliver safety gains, help you control costs and minimise reputational risks.