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Offshore Wind

As the offshore windfarm sector grows rapidly around the world, so too does the need for reliable diving operations support from a trusted partner.

We know what constitutes a safe, compliant and cost-effective diving campaign – which means we’re ideally positioned to help in shaping, planning and running a successful diving operation.
Whether it’s for a new development or IRM scope, you want efficiency and safety at the heart of your campaign. We utilise the experience our client reps and diving technical authorities have in offshore renewables to help ensure you achieve those goals.

Our contribution extends beyond support for planning and live operations in the offshore wind sector: we always make sure we create and sustain, a close cultural fit between our people and your organisation.

Competency and training
We pride ourselves on ensuring the personnel we support your projects with fully meet the competency requirements of the job, and with experience across a number of sectors, we can select the right people to support your specific project. We review staff competencies twice a year, and verify competency using our unique dive simulator. We can also offer access to an exclusive online campaign management and competency assessment and verification system, SourceCM, to ensure all competencies are held on a live basis and are easily communicated to all relevant members of the project team.

We use digital technologies to enhance competency whenever appropriate. As well as using our simulator to verify competency and carry out pre-mobilisation training, we can offer a virtual reality training solution that can fit well into the early stage of planning a subsea operation. We also offer online or remote training as required.

Our competency and training solutions deliver safety gains, reduce risk, cut your operational downtime and help minimise your carbon footprint.