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Oil & Gas

We apply our years of international oil & gas industry experience to underpin safe and efficient campaign execution.

Our professionals inspire confidence in compliance by combining industry insights with exceptional technical knowledge.

We take time to understand your project challenges and priorities, and are equipped to provide expert support at every step of the way: from initial survey, planning and site preparation work through to delivery of installation, IRM or decommissioning programmes.

We go further: our people align with your culture, your values and your sustainability principles as they deliver their specialist support.

Competency and training
We pride ourselves on ensuring the personnel we support your projects with fully meet the competency requirements of the job. We review staff competencies twice a year and verify competency using our unique dive simulator. We can also offer access to an exclusive online campaign management and competency assessment and verification system, SourceCM, to ensure all competencies are held on a live basis and are easily communicated to relevant members of the project team.

We use digital technologies to enhance competency whenever appropriate. As well as using our simulator to verify competency and carry out pre-mobilisation training, we can offer a virtual reality training solution, which can fit well into the early stage of planning a subsea operation. We also offer online or remote training as required.
Our competency and training solutions deliver safety gains, reduce risk, cut your operational downtime, and help minimise your carbon footprint.