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Training & Assessment

DiveSource offers the expertise and support to help you ensure your diving projects run as safely and effectively as possible. Our training courses can help control risk, identify opportunities and prevent undesired outcomes.

DiveSource Digital Academy

We aim to use technology to make training and assessment as high quality, cost effective and accessible as possible.

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Delivery can be delivered via a number of methods, including:

  • Training either face to face online or webinar-style
  • Online training through a customer’s learning management system
  • Online training through our own learning management system
  • Training using our dive control simulator or virtual reality diver
  • Assessment using our dive control simulator
  • Diving worksite planning and familiarisation using our virtual reality diver

We help improve individual and organisational understanding of the regulation and practice of diving by delivering training and assessment solutions where our expertise, experience and range of delivery options allow us to address customer needs effectively.

Contact us if you are interested in exploring how our training might help you address your competency issues.

Simulator training & assessment

DiveSource, operates dive control simulator (DCS), a touch panel-based digital simulator for training diving supervisors & competency verification.

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The Simulator

Our dive control simulator gives simulated scenario training to diving supervisors, with normal operations, what-ifs and emergency cases covered. This makes a simulator stand out compared to training in real operation conditions. It can also verify the competency of dive supervisors prior to mobilisation and reduce skills fade in current market conditions.


  • Assess competence of new or returning to service employees
  • Increase safety by training personnel on emergency procedures
  • Increase efficiency by training during pre-operation project phase
  • Develop and sustain competence through targeted customized training
  • Use to build up panel time for trainee supervisors – DCS has Class B Certification from IMCA, meaning it can add to panel time (refer to D022)
  • Increase access to qualified staff
  • Reduce costs through more effective operations and less downtime

Virtual reality driver (VR diver)

VR Diver is a full range training solution, and fits well into the early stage of planning a subsea operation and worksite familiarisation allowing you to Familiarize your work site, procedures and routines for better efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Virtual diving bell and chambers

Operation of the valves and controls of the diving bell and pressurised chambers allows familiarisation and a walk around on the virtualised work site helps personnel to get accustomed to the area, distances, directions, work plan, and evacuation routines.


  • Easy worksite familiarisation
  • Better cost efficiency of operations
  • Higher competence of personnel
  • Lower risks
  • Higher personnel availability
  • Saving several days on each site familiarisation
  • Better preparedness

Simulated Environment


VR Diver Simulated Environment is for diving contractors and Operators who may wish to carry out operations in a simulated environment prior to offshore mobilisations. This could also be used in HIRA’s and briefings.

VR Diver is delivered as a software solution and the VR Diver system can be used at DiveSource premises to view and use the package.

VR Diver can be tailored to a specific project by using the following data: seabed surveys, CAD models of equipment, subsea equipment laser scans (where needed), to recreate the worksite for your project.

Worksite 3D Model Content

  • Underwater environment
  • Seabed structures
  • Environmental inclusions
  • Visibility and weather conditions
  • Diver team
  • Diving bell

For additional information on all simulated solutions please email